✦Creature + Fantasy Art✦

Mai ꒰ᐢ. .ᐢ꒱₊˚⊹ Settler on Treaty 4 Land
Neurodivergent + Queer Artist

Commission Prices 2024

* Please read through before contacting me regarding a commission request *
All prices listed are base prices and are subject to change, depending on the reference information provided and time needed to complete the
commissioned piece.

Rough Sketch

$30+ CAD

Pride Flag Persona

$50+ CAD

Digitally Painted Portrait

$80+ CAD

Character Reference

$100+ CAD

Product Design

$250+ CAD

(Licensing fee; design fee not included)

Got an idea for something you don't see here?
Email me and I'll see what I can work out! ⤵

Commission Information

  • Please provide clear visual references, including multiple angles and general subject information; once this is done, I will send you a deposit quote. Upon receiving payment, I will begin to sketch your piece.

  • When I have completed the sketch, I will send a copy to you; once satisfied with the sketch/concept, I will send you a quote for finishing the piece.

  • Once the final payment is in, I will begin to line and flat colour your commission. Similarly to the sketch process, I will send you another screenshot of your piece before finishing it up.

  • When your commission is completed, I will email it to you as a .PNG file (unless instructed otherwise) both with and without a watermark.

Feel free to post your commissioned piece to your personal page/social media;
all I ask is that you credit me and upload the image containing my watermark.
I retain the rights to the commissioned artwork, including promotional/
commercial business use; image rights can be discussed for an additional fee.
Non-consensual commercial use of commissioned pieces will result in
reclamation and repurposing of said piece, along with legal action if
commercial use does not cease.
* Examples of commercial use include * NFT or Block chains, use in advertisement
or packaging for commercial products, company products or logos, as well as reselling commissioned artwork as physical products.
Additionally, I do not consent to any commissioned pieces or artwork of mine in general being utilized for AI art.

Love to Draw

  • Creatures

  • Fan Art

  • Fantasy

  • Furries

  • Nature

Will Not Draw

  • Noncon

  • NSFW Feral

  • NSFW Underage

  • Bigoted content (anything ableist, racist, transphobic, homophobic or sexist)

Terms of Service

Inquiries regarding commissions can be made through email ⤵

Commission payments are accepted via PayPal, E-Transfer, or Ko-fi, and in CAD.
Please feel free to email me during the commission process with any questions
or update inquiries ❤︎

Refund Policy

In the event that you decide to cancel your commission during the sketch stage,
your deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel during the colouring/completion stage, a minimum of 50% of the completion fee will be retained. Additionally, no portion of the completion fee will be returned once the commission piece is
finished. If I have to cancel the commission, 100% of the deposit and/or
completion fee will be refunded to you.
* I reserve the right to reject or cancel a commission and issue a refund due to
poor communication, rude or inappropriate behaviour, and unforeseen inability
to complete the commission. *

Hand Sewn Creations

I've been creating these plush pals since 2020, but have been sewing
for much longer; I was taught how to hand sew in daycare at the age of 5,
and have been experimenting with fabric and thread ever since.

Traditional Art

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember; I began taking art more
seriously back in 2017, when I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in tattoos.
I ended up particularly enjoying working with watercolours and brush pens, and decided to try and figure out what kind of art I wanted to put out into
the world - focus on developing a unique style of my own!


Tattoos are something I've always been inspired by and been around since a
young age; my love really took off in mid 2017 when I landed my apprenticeship.
I apprenticed until late 2018, gaining my education at an old school shop in a
quiet village in southern BC; I left the shop shortly after reaching Jr. Artist
status as a result of multiple factors. I find tattooing incredibly therapeutic, particularly after gaining much of my apprentice experience by tattooing
myself. I'm very grateful I got to begin my tattoo journey, and I'm really
looking forward to continuing it someday.

Digital Art

Digital art was one of the artistic mediums I found myself struggling with
the most; I tried my hand at it back in my middle school days and found myself quickly discouraged. It was much different than the traditional
mediums had grown to find comfort in, and I gave up. I continued wanting to
learn how to create art digitally despite this, and once I got my paws on my
own iPad Pro in late 2019, I couldn't be stopped.



A welcoming place for all creatures alike, LevityGhosts is a queer owned studio dedicated to creating an empathetic and honest environment. Through bold and colourful imagery I strive to help the obscure souls of the world feel heard; by sharing vulnerable thoughts and valued sentiments, I hope to spark long overdue conversations regarding intersectionality.Initially born from a desire to process complex emotions, LevityGhosts is an amalgamation of my fear and “survival” strategy; Until recent years I was terrified of ghosts, and dealing with this fear was easiest through a bit of levity. “I know you love to startle me but cut it out!”- I’d say jokingly, treating them like a petulant child. I also wanted to challenge my fear head on - I began to incorporate ghosts into my creations, often drawing them in a cute or silly manner.Levity is how I dealt with many of the struggles in life, wrapping myself in it to protect from the bitterness of an abusive household. It was my companion oftentimes, keeping me going on the darkest days. Im grateful to have had it, but I want more for myself and others. LevityGhosts was made to communicate my deepest truths, but it is also an endeavour to create a supportive community of likeminded folks.LevityGhosts Studio is located on Treaty 4 Land, the lands of the Cree, Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ , Niitsítpiis-stahkoii ᖹᐟᒧᐧᐨᑯᐧ ᓴᐦᖾᐟ (Blackfoot / Niitsítapi ᖹᐟᒧᐧᒣᑯ) , Michif Piyii (Métis) , and the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ.

✦Mutual Aid + Donations✦

Mutual aid is something I find a lot of importance and value in; I’ve donated to and continue to donate to organizations, but I also recognize that there are folks out there who do not have the capacity or means to access these resources. I want to do what I can to directly aid these folks, and so when I can I will be donating a portion of my earnings from sales made to mutual aid.I also value transparency, and have created this page to maintain that, as well as hopefully inspire fellow white folks to follow suit in partaking in mutual aid!
Every little bit helps, and creating community by showing up for others in ways you can will always be important 💚

June 2024 - 20% of Pride Market Earnings